Three 5-Minute classes that will help you improve your influence and quality of leadership

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Law of Influence

Everyone is called to be a leader in certain areas of influence. Learn what can be your area and how to increase your influence. 

Law of Trust

Before you lead you must have people trust you before they follow. Learn how to get people to trust you. 

Law of Connection

What is the one thing that will make you a great leader. What language must a leader understand in order to connect with people. 

Andy Arguez
Evangelist | Pastor

Pastors Andy and Rebeca Arguez are a couple called by God to Train, Equip, Activate and Mobilize the body of Christ in the Supernatural. carrying the DNA of their spiritual fathers Apostle Guillermo and Prophet Ana Maldonado where they served, in King Jesus International Ministry, for over 16 years.

Learn three simple steps that will make a huge difference

Everyone is called to lead in a certain area be it being a husband, a mother, a boss, entrepreneur, pastor, worshiper, etc.